Weather Station

About the Weather Station

The Dundee, West End Weather Station is a Davis Vantage Pro.  You can read more about these things here, but in brief, it has a rain gauge, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure and humidity sensors.  These communicate with a base station by radio link.  The base station reports temperature, humidity and pressure for the room in which it is situated.  The base station includes a data logger with a serial link to a PC.  The Weather Station is set to log every 5 minutes and the PC uploads processed data, graphics etc to this site on the same interval.

The Weather Station is located  in a flower bed as shown below.  It is sited at the optimum height for accurate temperature readings and is in a fairly exposed southerly facing location.  Early morning and late evening sun is obscured by trees/buildings, so solar radiation and UV readings are unreliable at either end of the day.  The wind speed/direction sensors are in a reasonably exposed location to catch the prevailing Westerly and Easterly winds in the West End of Dundee.


The Dundee, West End Weather Station

The wind direction and wind speed sensors

OK, so why did we set up the Weather Station?

To educate folks where we used to live in Cambridgeshire about how nice the weather really is here...

Last updated: Monday, 06 January, 2014