NEWS 6th Jan 2014: Updated historical data.

NEWS 8th May 2013: Updated historical data.  Moved Weather Underground instantaneous readout to its own page since it was annoying me on the front page!

NEWS 22nd Feb 2013: Completed monthly and yearly historical data  for 2012.

NEWS 13th Oct 2012:  See the Known Problems page for an explanation of odd rainfall readings in late August.  I have also updated the history pages to include 2012 so far...

NEWS 23rd Jan 2012: Weather Underground graphic added to home page.  This gives current weather conditions reported by the Dundee West End Weather Station updated every few seconds (Shame about the horrible colour scheme...)

NEWS 21st Jan 2012: - Monthly and three monthly trends added to site and weather forecast links updated.
NEWS 21st Jan 2012: See the new Rapid Updates to the Dundee West End Weather Underground pages.  Even if the graphs below are broken, the Weather Underground entry is often OK.  Sorry about the advertising on that site, but we can’t control it.

WARNING 21st Jan 2012: Updates to are delayed due to a problem with the ISP.  This should be fixed shortly (more details on the “Known Problems” page.)  See our data on the Weather Underground as this is unaffected.  (Problem Resolved: 23rd Jan 2012).

Last updated: Monday, 06 January, 2014