Dundee West End Weather Station – Temporarily offline (21st November 2015)



Unfortunately, both the weather station hardware (A Davis Vantage Pro) and the PC that hosts the data and uploads it to the internet have experienced major problems. 


Accordingly, this weather site will be offline until I can fix both!


Please see my appeal at the bottom of this page!



The weather station


This is now almost 13 years old and beyond its design life.  I have tried to fix it on a few occasions – sometimes successfully, but I am fighting a losing battle…


1.     The rain gauge has been broken for almost a year now.

2.     The UV sensor occasionally goes crazy and reports high UV in the middle of the night!

3.     The temperature sensor has been giving very creative readings over the last two months.


I simply don’t trust the readings any more so would rather not share dodgy data with the world.


The PC


This is currently a low power PC running Windows XP and showing its age.  Today it became unresponsive.


The Plan


I really need to replace the entire weather station with a new one and update the PC (probably to a Raspberry PI with open-source weather software).  I just have to decide if I can justify the cost.


This is a hobby activity for me, not a business and I have maintained the site at my own cost now for over 12 years.   I know a lot of people use the site, including some local businesses.  Any contributions will be gratefully received and credited on the site.  If you are a local business that uses Dundee West End Weather data then perhaps you could sponsor us?  Email me on weather@dundeeweather.org.uk if you think you can help. 


Many thanks! 


Geoff Barton